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Jim Kraneveldt
Songwriter -- Performer

Jim Kraneveldt in his studio in British Columbia, Canada

Jim Kraneveldt is a singer/songwriter from the West Coast of British Columbia, Canada. He has been writing and performing for fifteen years in hundreds of venues across Canada. Jim's work includes songwriting, writing jingles, and free lance studio work.

Musical highlights include Honorable Mention as a guitar soloist in the Canadian Nation Jazz Band Festival and playing bass in a concert band which placed 2'nd in the Canadian National Concert Band Competition.

Jim has recently turned his efforts to songwriting where he is influenced by artists such as John Lennon and Steve Earle for the brutal honesty in their songs and Diane Warren for her ability to write killer hooks without jeopardizing passion, while remaining distinct. Jim's songs are written with honesty and emotion.

Instruments: guitar, bass, piano, vocals.

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Every Once In A While Jim Kraneveldt mp3

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