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Glenn Lehman
"Appalachian Troubadour"

Glenn Lehman

Glenn Lehman is a multi- talented country and bluegrass performer who is sometimes dubbed the "Appalachian Troubadour". He has recorded 40+ albums, some at the request of Smithsonian Institute and U.S. Library of Congress to be preserved as part of our Appalachian heritage. He is equally proficient on a variety of stringed music instruments, the mandolin and Dobro guitar being his most preferred. He plays his Martin guitar when he is asked to sing.

Glenn was born on February 24, 1935 in Oliver, Pennsylvania, a coal mining community in Fayette County, the third son of George and Jennie Lehman. With his older brother George Jr., he began playing stringed instruments in the early 1940's. It wasn't long before they were performing for the public at dances and stage shows throughout western Pennsylvania. When brother George married and left home, it was Glenn who went on to develop his music in the manner he does today.

Glenn's early years were spent in the Pennsylvania, West Virginia and Ohio area where he played and sang back-up for many performers, the most notable being Hawkshaw Hawkins, Ernie Broderick, and Texas Ray and Mae (Rohm). He entered radio when sixteen years old with The Hayloft Jamboree out of Uniontown, PA. Later he moved to his own show in Connellsville, PA where he would do two broadcasts a week for over a year. At 20 years of age, he moved to Ohio to finish a college education, but music haunted his every move. He was pursued by the "Hootananny" crowd and eventually the bluegrass movement. Bluegrass would bring him greater recognition and opened the way for guest appearances with greats like Bill Harrell, Carl Story, and Mac Wiseman, plus old time country artists like Doc Williams, Speedy Krise and most recently Walter Bailes. He has also made several appearances on the WWVA Wheeling Jamboree.

. To date he has recorded some 40 albums, some of which were requests by the U.S. Library of Congress and the Smithsonian Institute, to be listed as part of our Appalacian heritage.
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Today Mr. Lehman lives near Southington, Ohio, with his wife Genevieve. In their 43 years of marriage, they raised a son and a daughter, who in turn have blessed their lives with four loving grandchildren. Glenn's Christian heritage is never absent from his performances and although some of his ancestors looked rather harshly upon worldly music, many of his songs deal with the struggles of life, the mountains, home and family, and the value of man's relationship to God.

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